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We were contacted by SODEMANN, followed by a no-obligation visit to their showroom. We sent a sketch of an idea for a stand concept to them before the meeting. Based on the idea, the consultant, Rene Gudesen, already had a design proposal ready using their BeMatrix system.

The meeting with SODEMANN went well, yet we still left there with a feeling that the price might be higher than our budget. But we were wrong. The stand can be used repeatedly. Even though the initial price was a little higher than some of their competitors had quoted us, we would only have been able to rent their stand twice before the cost was covered.

Rene handled the stand design, but we provided our own graphics (with input).
The result was much better than we had ever experienced before. The stand looks good, it’s professional and enormously capable of showing a number of different concepts on just the one stand. We can therefore recommend SODEMANN, and and expect to use their services for at least the next few years.

Tony Gelvan
Sales Manager Nordic
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