Lightweight roll-ups for large and small exhibitions

Dandisplay Roll-up
Best quality at low cost – stable roll-up in a well-proven quality. Available in several sizes.
Outdoor Roll-up
Meet your target group on their home ground – an all-weather roll-up suitable for any outdoor event.
Penta Roll-up
A roll-up that is head and shoulders above the crowd. Five-sided frame creates an elegant look.
Quickscreen 3 Roll-up
When the detail makes the different – more messages for one system.
M2 Roll-up
Easy to set up – easy update of messages. Have an elegant roll-up in superp quality.
S-Line Roll-up
Reliable presentation any time. Top quality and design at a competitive price.
Mediascreen Roll-up
Wider and taller – have a roll-up with great advantages. Use alone or together with more units.
Outdoor Mediascreen
To be used at all kind of events – a roll-up for outdoor events in all kind of weather.

Classic roll-up

Expose your message elegantly on a top quality roll-up banner. All our roll-ups can be assembled and dismantled in less than 30 seconds. Sales messages can be replaced in a moment.

A roll-up is not only smart and elegant, it is also easy to carry when travelling and easy to assemble. Make no mistake, it is versatile and eye-catching. A successful classic at the trade fair.

A compact solution that draws maximum attention. At SODEMANN, we offer Scandinavia's largest selection of roll-ups. You are sure to find a solution that fits the bill. Use several roll-ups in combination or use them with a display. We can always find the perfect solution for you.

A roll-up is an independent design element

At SODEMANN, we believe it is important to focus on the quality and durability of both design and print. We also consider the frame and base to be important elements of the roll-up design. We offer a full range of very successful, well-designed roll-up banners from the world's leading manufacturers.

We focus on quality so that you can use our systems time and time again. To change your message, we just replace the print – We replace free of charge when you purchase new print. We supply our roll-ups with single-sided print. Some are available with double-sided print. Spots can be mounted on any roll-up to highlight your message.

We supply all our roll-up as a complete package, including print, frame and lined carry bag.
Present yourself whenever and wherever you wish – we also offer an outdoor roll-up.
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Order our catalogue with 104 pages of inspiration
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