Our knowledge is your acknowledgement

Flexible solutions, our passion

SODEMANN A/S was founded by Jacob Sodemann on 1 April 1991. Since then the ambition has been to offer our customers flexible, transportable and valuable solutions
– always with the purpose to expose the customers message in the best way possible.

Helped more than 10,000 customers

SODEMANN A/S is here to help you, when your message needs to be exposed. Since the very beginning we have delivered high-quality customized solutions to more than 10,000 professional purchasers in the entire country and beyond. When it comes to quality, every solution has been without any compromises.

Showroom and production

To assure the highest quality at competitive prices we import the solutions from the leading factories worldwide in a very large amount and storage it at our own warehouse in Denmark. We have our own graphic production where we print on multiple materials.

A solid foundation

Within the last 8 years we have achieved the highest creditworthiness – a proof of a solid business and a good long-termed corporation with our customers, suppliers and collaborators.

Do not believe in everything
you hear…

We would like to prove that we keep our word by inviting you into our 1,700 m2 showroom in Aarhus or Copenhagen. Here we will display our products and serve you refreshments - please contact us.