Neas Energy A/S

Our company has worked with SODEMANN A/S for some years on a number of small projects. They have proved to be reliable partner, always ready to help and deliver the best possible solutions. That is why we had no doubts about choosing them as a partner when we started to prepare for bigger exhibitions in 2013.

RenewableUK 2013 annual conference and exhibition in Birmingham, was a flagship British event, leading the renewable energy sector and showcasing new technologies and ideas. It was attended by over 5,000 delegates, 250 exhibitors and 190 speakers. Being well presented at the event had a strategic importance for our office in the UK. Since the company is new on the market, we had to leave a good impression, being noticed and remembered. Another task was to create a stand which is easy to reuse at future exhibitions.

As a result Neas Energy Ltd had a 14 sqm space with a reception desk, storage facility and a negotiation table, which has been used to great effect. I am proud to say that Neas Energy truly stood out of the crowd and was very popular among the visitors. During the exhibition our team got an impressive number of contacts, demonstrating our value in the UK.

What you can expect from SODEMANN A/S is an individual approach, flexibility, and honest process built upon open communication and thorough market/industry knowledge that dramatically simplifies the whole process. They are a partner to be relied upon from the start of the project, in the concept/budget development phase and on through the process of stand production and further support.

Their commitment to quality and understanding of client needs makes them a great partner in arriving at solutions to budget constraints, helping to meet the financial, functional and aesthetic goals of a project.

It was a great experience working with SODEMANN A/S, and I will highly recommend them to anyone who wants high quality solutions for a reasonable price.

Yulia Tchernaya
Communications & Marketing Specialist